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Queen Victoria XV - Brenda DeRoussel Privat
Prince Albert XV - Dr. Stephen Ray Wilt
Queen Victoria XV, Brenda Privat of Crowley attended USL.  She is a member and officer of many area clubs and enjoys heirloom sewing.  She is active in Victoria as a dancer, the head of several committees, a former Duchess, recruiter, and is also a participant in the Town Club Mardi Gras Association in Crowley.
The queen and her husband, Ken have raised five children and have 12 grandchildren, two of whom, Meredith and Annelise Privat were her attendants.
The royal consort, Prince Albert XV, Dr. Stephen Ray Wilt, is a radiation oncologist and partner in Oncologists, Inc.  He graduated from Ohio State University with a doctorate in pharmacology, received his medical degree from the Medical College of Ohio, and did his residency at the University of Michigan.  
He was in the U.S. Navy and served as a flight surgeon with the Marine Corps.  He is a member of local, as well as national, medical societies, and enjoys being part of the Friends of Music and the Krewe of Carrollton in New Orleans.

He is married to Gail Wilt; they have two children.
Queen's Court  
India Star Sapphire         Ireland Emerald
 South Africa Diamond         Canada Gold Nugget
  Australia Fire Opal

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 Photography by Steve Comeaux


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